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What is Zero Balancing?

Zero Balancing is described by the Zero Balancing Association as a ‘hands-on body/mind system of therapy designed to enhance health by balancing body energy with body structure’.  The practitioner does this by applying pressure through touch to specific places on the client’s body whilst a client sits and then lies fully clothed on a couch.

Zero Balancing was founded in the USA in 1975 by Dr Fritz Smith MD, a medical doctor and acupuncturist.  It bridges Western and Eastern ideas about health and wellbeing as it works both with the structure of the body and with the energy travelling through the body, and is informed by the knowledge Fritz has of both disciplines.

The Zero Balancer uses a very specific type of touch and focuses on working with the skeleton.  Bone is the focus of what the Zero Balancer does as it forms the structure of our bodies at the deepest level and also conducts the strongest energy force in the body.  This touch at ‘bone level’ has the potential to affect both the physical structure of the body and the energy of a client simultaneously.

Find out more on the Zero Balancing website.

Why Zero Balancing?

Because it feels really good!

If you need more reasons to tempt you onto the couch, the benefits experienced through regular Zero Balancing sessions are likely to include the following:

  • An increased sense of wellbeing and general wellness.
  • A reduction in stress and anxiety.
  • A reduction in body discomforts and pain.
  • Improved postural alignment.
  • An increased sense of connection, peace, balance and harmony.
  • The release of past trauma, either physical or emotional.
  • An increased capacity to experience happiness and joy in life.
  • An improved ability to move through ‘stuckness’ in life.

Zero Balancing promotes an experience of deep relaxation, and resting in this space is healing in itself.

Your Invitation

A Zero Balancing session is an invitation to listen to and be with yourself at a deep level.  Each session is an acknowledgement of who you are and how you are in the moment, with warmth and without judgment.  Each session offers the possibility of conscious or unconscious positive change at all levels of being – physical, emotional and spiritual.


Pathway to Wellbeing is delighted to be able to invite you to experience Zero Balancing for yourself.  Please use the details below to contact us and book a session with our Certified Zero Balancer, Ruth Doyle.

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